Get Hammered Metalsmith Studio
Jewelry making and metalsmith classes
Tucson, Arizona

                                                                                  Get Hammered Metalsmith Studio LLC

                                                                                                          by Joni Kisro


   Thank you for your patience, group classes will resume in 2019!


All classes are taught by Joni Kisro
  owner and creator of
Get Hammered Metalsmith Studio

Make and Take
your piece in class!

You don't need to bring anything!
All tools and equipment are provided by
Get Hammered Studio for use in class!


               Fun and Funky
Torch Enameling 

Date: TBA
Time: 9 am - 1pm
Class fee: $69.00 per person

Class is full thank you!


Kit Fee Included in Special
copper sheet for 2 pair of earrings,
2 pair ear wires and consumables!
(enamel, map gas, copper cleaner etc.)


Level: All levels  Limited seating..
Must be at least 18 years old.

In this class you will learn how to enamel your pieces
using a map gas torch on a tripod.
You will also learn how to combine various colors on one piece.

You will complete 2 pair of earrings, your choice of shapes,
hoose from a selection. More than 600 different pancake die
shapes, you will cut your pieces
out in the hydraulic press.
You'll also have an amazing selection of enamel colors to choose from.
All tools for each project provided for use in class by Get Hammered
Metalsmith Studio!


I want to thank everyone that has
attended my group classes!
I will only be teaching groups of
3 to 4 students in the future classes.

Please check out my
Private Classes & Workshops!

Thank you,

  Private Classes Available

Contact me via email:

Friend me on Facebook & Private Message me! 

Tools for class projects are provided for use in class.
For use in class, each student will have their own kit with:
Micro Torch *2 pr Chain Nose Pliers *Side Cutters *Jewelers Saw
Bench Pin *Buffing Blocks/Files *Solder pick *Divider *Center punch
Bench Block *Riveting hammer *Cross Peen hammer *Rawhide mallet
Tweezers *Safety Glasses and more...
Note: Please bring a respiratory mask or you can purchase one in class
Optional: Bring a leather apron

If the class times don't fit in with your schedule,
private classes are available! 
Contact Joni Kisro with any questions
or to schedule a private class

I'm a native Tucsonan (but it's a dry heat).
I'm married to Tom, he retired a year ago
and has joined me at the studio.
I have two amazing daughters. Brianna is 29,
she graduated Aveda Beauty College and
works for Potter USA.  Brittany is 26, she's a
Blackhawk Flight Paramedic in the
United States Army.

I've been making jewelry since high school and
became a silversmith at the age of 21. I've shown
my jewelry at craft fairs in Colorado, California
and Arizona.
I was a stay at home mom, so that gave me time to
develop my jewelry making skills. I work with a lot
of different metals and different jewelry techniques.
I've been teaching metalsmithing, chainmaille and
many other jewelry making techniques for 19 years.

I demoed the Jump Ringer, jump ring cutting system
for the late Ray Grossman at Rio Grande Catalog in Motion
during the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show for 15 years.
I also taught Chainmaille workshops for Rio Grande
during the Gem Show.

I started working for Kevin Potter at Potter USA
April 2014.  What a great job, I really loved it! 
Kevin let me draw and design several pancake die
shapes which are up on his website.
I went crazy drawing the designs, which some are
still in the line up to be made (I can't wait)!  
I also designed a bracelet bender when I was 21 years
old which my friend made for me out of a piece of pipe
and a wooden block.  I showed Kevin and suggested
that he make them. He loved the idea and makes them
out of aluminum. They're an amazing bracelet bender!

Well, my job ended at Potter USA February of 2015.
Believe me, it was a very sad day!  But when God
closes one door, he opens another.
Now I am the proud owner and creator of
Get Hammered Metalsmith Studio LLC where
I teach metalsmithing, silversmithing, etching,
torch enameling, delft clay casting, chainmaille
and much more.
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